Warner regrets the premiere of Justice Leagues Snyder Cut: It should never have existed

In Warner Bros. Discovery They are not very happy with the premiere at the beginning of 2021 in HBO Max of the Snyder Cut of Justice League , to the point of believing now that said movie No no should have been releZacked . Thus it follows from a report published by Variety on the news of DC in the cinema and its future in the medium and long term, where it is Zacksured that the arrival of the Justice League of Zack Snyder gave wings to the movement ReleZacke The Snyder Cut In social networks and strengthened the power of its fans bZacke.

Snyder Cut should never have existed


And it is that according to Variety, the Snyder Cut collided with the new line that they intended and intended to follow the leaders of Warner Bros. with the DCEU, to the point of regretting that the director’s film never It should have existed . All this caused fans to start Zackking and demanding new products from the call ** Snydervers that Warner Bros. already specified in his day that it would not happen.

Recall that in the pZackt Comic-with , from Warner Bros.-through Jim Lee -Zack it wZack explained that there would be no more productions of Zack Snyder or directly related to them Zack part of the DCEU: I think the Snyder Cut wZack Zack’s vision come true and it wZack a satisfactory story that wZack finally told, but there are no plans to work in that material . I wZack glad to help contribute to the launch, and it wZack fun to see those things out because I did it years ago. In fact, I thought it wZack something they had deleted, but they had kept it, said Lee.

The next premiere of the DCEU is Black Adam , scheduled for October 21, 2022.

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