Unique commands and also banners, Tower of Fantasy conjurations

Regularly the headliners change on the invocations of Gacha. The unique commands and also banners ofTower of Fantasyare not everlasting, permitting you to discover brand-new weapons and matrices. Find the banners currently in play prior to using your black gold.

Temporary specifications ofTower of Fantasy _.

2 special command banners are offered onTower of Fantasy _. Tool conjurations are made with red core, while the matrices are acquired with unique promo codes.

There are 3 permanent special command banners at stake. 2 of them are dedicated to weapons, while the last focus on the matrices. This is used with buying proof, unlike the center used for others. The banner utilizing center or supplies a raised opportunities of acquiring an SSR, along with a pity system.


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Long-term conjurations.

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