Lost Eidolons: Xbox Series X.

Jae Kim, CEO of Sea Drive Studio, claims: As followers of TrpGs, we would not like anything even more than that Lost Eidolon was included in the series of the large games of the genre. After 2 betas and also 2 heavy steam demonstrations, we had to relocate the begin a few times as a result of our players’ comments. This meant that we had to spend even more time and also cash to make modifications, but if I take a look at the video game currently, I have no question that the delays deserved it. I hope that all of our beta and also demo players are proud of the end product that they have shaped and see Lost Eidolons as an excellent TrpG.

The story adheres to Eden, a recognized mercenary in his home town of Lonetta. When a polished conspiracy causes him to befall of support, he has no choice but to adhere to the machinations of destiny that get associated with an intrigue to overthrow the conquering Emperor Ludivictus. A trip that is peppered with moral predicament, bitter away as well as psychological betrayal; Eden trip will require him to discover who he actually gets on this big phase.

Lost Eidolons is a tactical, round-based technique RPG that plays in the fantasy globe of Artemesia. Changes in between the tactical, round-based grid fight and also an unit monitoring system to prepare you, to deceive others and to win in each of the series as well as to find the end result of the change.

The programmers of Lost Eidolons have actually revealed that the game will certainly be released on October 13, 2022 for computer. A version for Xbox Series X/S is planned, which is to be published in 2023. The originally planned Xbox One version was erased due to the fact that you wish to concentrate totally on the Xbox Series X/S.

Concerning Lost Eidolons

  • 30+ hours gameplay

  • Exciting fights in the main story + battles in side background
  • Totally set-up cutscenes

* Quests, devices as well as even more than 30 systems to recruit
* Over 20 courses for units to climb up
* English, Korean, Russian, German, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Chinese (streamlined), various other languages are still revealed

Lost Eidolons will certainly be published on October 13 for Computer (Steam) as well as in early 2023 for Xbox Series consoles.

A version for Xbox Series X/S is planned, which is to be released in 2023. The originally planned Xbox One variation was removed since you want to concentrate completely on the Xbox Series X/S.

Jae Kim, Chief Executive Officer of Sea Drive Workshop, states: As fans of TrpGs, we would not such as anything more than that Lost Eidolon was included in the collection of the big games of the genre.

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