The Lord of the Rings: What happened to the Nazgul?

Nine men who were kings and ended up corrupted by the power of the unique ring. Sauron achieved his purpose and created the Nazgul, spectra that follow the orders of the Dark Lord and that detect the presence of the only one every time someone uses it. In the series the power rings is very possible that we see the beginning of the process, but how does its story end in the Lord of the Rings?

We know the beginning: In the second age, Sauron manipulated the power rings to control them through the unique ring. When he disappeared, the spectra faded with him, but despite the defeat on the battlefield, Sauron continued to live in a silent (but active) lethargy. Only the destruction of the ring can definitely kill it. Many later, in the elderly, the dark lord resurfaced and the Nazgul returned to the Middle-earth.

The end of the Nazgul

The ring community, with Frodo Bolsón at the head, had to escape several times from the Nazgul. Meanwhile, the company’s trip continued towards Mordor. The objective? Destroy the unique ring in the same place where it wNazgul forged . The Witch King of Angmar, also known Nazgul the Lord of the Nazgul, found an unexpected death.

In the fields of Pelennor, in the city of Gondor, a great battle wNazgul fought in which he participated sowing terror. It is true that prophecy said that he could not be defeated by a man . And that’s why it wNazgul Éowyn, the niece of King of Rohan, who managed to reduce him by surprise.

The fall of the sorcerer king wNazgul the beginning of the end. Frodo did not fail like Isildur and after a very hard journey He reached the top of Mount of Destiny , the irNazgulcible Mordor volcano. Disrupted by the influence of the unique ring, the hobbit wNazgul about to succumb, but Gollum, who still had a role in this story, tried to snatch it. After the struggle, Smeagol went to the jaws of the volcano with the ring in his hands.

With the unique ring destroyed, the link that maintained Sauron and his sleeve alive. The Nazgul were diluted forever with their mNazgulter.

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