APEX LEGENDS discriminatory words are echoed in clear rants. Unfortunately, the developer staff promises a survey

In APEX LEGENDS , a certain player posted on the bulletin board on the bulletin board. The severity of the content has resonated the user, and the developer staff has promised a survey.

APEX LEGENDS is an online FPS handled by Resown Entertainment. In the main battle royal mode, one to three units participate in the match. Down from a drop-ship crossing the map without weapons, aim for a champion while procuring items and weapons locally. At the start of the match, one of the members of the unit became a jump master, and a drop-ship was sorted out at any time. With a waist booster, glide to the landing point.

This time, a player in this work posted a clip that continued to be a voice chat immediately after the game started and continued to be exposed to a very aggressive rant. It has attracted attention from many users and is controversial. The thread title is entitled Why are these people?

The clip starts from the descent of the King Scansion to the aviation base area. Players who are seeming to be the contributor use Mad Maggie. Immediately after the start of the clip, a unit member who used the pass finder called on the positive. The content is, Huh Maggie, you’re a little Retard? Retard is a contempt and discriminatory word for people with disabilities in the US slang. After the match started, rants began before getting down to the area. Even after the landing, malicious users have thrown terrific grenades to the poster and continued to abuse them with discriminatory behavior that violates the terms of use.

The contributor is not just unilaterally abused. The malicious users block the way they go and take away items that can be picked up one after another. On the other hand, the contributor feels a little overkill, and she looks into the compassion of dropping the G7 scout for malicious users.

However, such concerns are indistinguishable, and the harassment of malicious users does not stop. This time, he has been firing to the contributor. Although this work is not damaged by attacking allies, it consumes ammunition and sounds around the surroundings. Although it is often seen that he shoots with his friends when he wins the champion, shooting his ally in a match would be lacking in morals. Since then, malicious users continue to fire the poster, but the clips have ended without any contributors.

This clip contains a serious behavior. Reddit’s users in the thread seem to have encountered such harassment and bad manners. One user introduced his solution, saying, If you encounter these guys, you can do more. The comments have received voices of consent and users’ experiences.

In the thread, the contributor explains the cause of malicious users being angry. Apparently, before the clip was recorded, contributors and malicious users were colliding with the target area. Perhaps the jumping master, who was a jumping master, decided to descend to the aviation base, and the anger of malicious users was ignited. Of course, this is the poster’s claim, and there may have been another cause that was not told. However, it is true that malicious users continued to be discriminatory, and it would not be an act.

And the developer RESPAWN staff also appeared in this thread. RICO SANCHEZ, El_sanctimony, is an associate quality designer. He reports that the clip will be transferred to a team in charge of TOS (Term of Service, Terms of Service). If the survey is determined to be a violation of the terms of the case, it will be taken, such as suspension of accounts. SANCHEZ states that he is sorry for his negative experience through the Apex Legends play.

This clip captures users who repeat discriminatory behavior. On Reddit, there are also players who have encountered such malicious users. Clip contributors’ mourning and experiences from users seem to be attracting a lot of empathy. It is natural for most players to not want to be abused during the game.

There is also a method of shutting out such rants. VC (voice chat) and text chat with non-friends players can also be turned off in the settings. Even if you turn it off, it is possible to communicate to some extent depending on the pin (signal) function. On the other hand, when fighting players with high skills, there is a possibility that coordination will be delayed without VC. In addition, the pin function alone cannot convey detailed information, such as the type of weapon you want. If you want a quick or detailed communication, you need a VC or text chat.

Riot Games, known for Valorant and League of Legends, has developed an automatic detection function of harmful voice chat and text chat (related article). In order to use VCs with confidence in competitive games, further crackdown on rants is desired. In any case, if you receive harassment, it is better to use the report function in each game.

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