Achieve major achievements of Intel, Broadcom and Wi-Fi 7 industries

Intel and Broadcom unveiled the industry’s first Wi-Fi demo between the industry’s first company, which provides wireless communication speed of more than five gigabits per second. The demo used an Intel® Core ™ processor-based notebook with Wi-Fi 7 solutions connected to Broadcom Wi-Fi 7 extension (AP).

Carlos Cordero Intel Fellow and Client Computing Group Chief Technology Officer (Wireless CTO) said, I am proud to show the new mobile PC experience based on the next generation Wi-Fi 7 based on this demonstration. Industry cooperation is essential to realize the new possibilities of Wi-Fi 7. Thank you for Broadcom for the first time in the industry for technical cooperation in preparing for the demonstration of ultra-high speed and ultra-low delay Wi-Fi 7 demo.

This demo shows that Wi-Fi 7 is ready for relevant ecosystems by providing amazing capacity and speed for the expansion of Gigabit broadband expansion. Broadcom’s vision is to connect all things in line with the technical flow that evolves to the next stage so that it can provide a high experience of immersive experiences through the Internet. The high stability of the stability provided by the Wi-Fi 7 is a key element of this vision. Industrial cooperation is essential for realizing this unprecedented connectivity, and I am happy to achieve another industry with Intel.

Wi-Fi 7 is a new wireless experience platform over the next 10 years, which requires faster speed, shorter delay time, improved stability and greater capacity. Wi-Fi 7 has new features such as up to 320MHz bandwidth of 6GHz spectrum, 4K AM adjustment, multiple link operation multiple bandwidth connection, and multi-resource unit function-based effective bandwidth.

Wi-Fi 7 enables new products such as augmented and virtual reality, ultra-high definition 16K media streaming, and a very fast and stable game. It also supports Internet connection devices used in homes and offices. With the improved speed provided by the Wi-Fi 7, Broadband Internet subscribers will be able to enjoy the speed benefits provided by the Gigabit Internet plan.

Wi-Fi 7 is the most powerful and outstanding Wi-Fi protocol and will continue to support services that require the highest level of performance in consumers and vertical markets, and between Intel and Broadcom The interoperability test will enable the development of products available in the test bed for the official Wi-Fi Alliance certification.

Intel and Broadcom maximize the potential of Wi-Fi 7 and offer an essential network for the end-to-end experience in a wide range of Wi-Fi markets.


Broadcom and Intel have played an important role in pioneering the Wi-Fi 6 and 6E markets as members of the Wi-Fi 6 and 6e as members of the Wi-Fi 6 and 6e boards of directors. The two companies are now leading the industry with Wi-Fi 7 in countries all over the Asia-Pacific (APAC), Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA), Latin America and the United States. The successful demonstration will be an important step in providing the world’s two-digit gigabit speed, ultra-low delay, telecommunications level resilience, and other next-generation functions to consumers and companies around the world. Companies and home networks will also get a lot of advantages through the advanced features of Wi-Fi 7.

This demo is proof that the Wi-Fi 7 era has arrived. Broadcom and Intel will show their additional capabilities.

For more information, visit the Intel Wi-Fi page 7 and Broadcom Wi-Fi page 7.

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