This is the new Xperia Stream, the accessory with Sony Gaming mobile fan

Sony h presented a new accessory specially designed for Gaming Mobile . This is the new Opera Stream , a fan for high-end mobile devices that attach to the rear with the objective of reduce its temperature and thus avoid a possible performance fall. This h been presented through a video that you can see below, its first images and a series of specifications that we detail below.

This is the new Sony Opera family accessory

Thus, the new Opera Stream, in addition to incorporating a own fan , adds a series of ports that benefit their connectivity and versatility, such a HDMI port or a Ethernet port . The HDMI port supports resolution Full HD at 120 Hz and also includes a USB port C for load and a Jack of 3.5 millimeters . Of course, in the absence of knowing its definitive price, we do know its greatest handicap: it is only compatible with the mobile Opera 1 IV .

Thanks to its ergonomic design, the Opera Stream conforms comfortably to the hands of the players, with all the connections located at the bottom of it, so that the cables do not interfere with the fingers or hands while playing. On the other hand, and thanks to the menu Game Enhancer , the fan parameters can be controlled such its speed , the refreshment and response rate and more.


Let’s not forget that the terminal for which it h been designed, the Sony Opera 1 IV, incorporates the most advanced technology in mobile gaming hardware, with a chip Snapdragon of eighth generation that tends to heat up more than desired in sessions of demanding play. With the Opera Stream it is intended to alleviate its overheating and offer, in turn, more configuration options for the most advanced players.

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