How to download Harvestella demo to Nintendo Switch

Harvested is a combination of a farmer and RPG from Square Enix, which will be released on Nintendo Switch and Steam on November 4, 2022. Square Enix has released a demo before releasing at Nintendo Switch, which will allow players to try the game in advance. This can make you ask how to load and reproduce demo version and whether the progress of the Harvested demo version will remain.

where to download the Harvested demo version for Nintendo Switch

You can download the Harvested demo to Nintendo Switch by clicking on the link online store . Once there, find Harvested and choose the game when it appears. Click on download Demo button, and demo will automatically start loading on your Nintendo Switch. You can also download a demo version through the official Square Enix website. Website.

are demo preservations transmitted to the full version of the game Harvested?


Your progress in the demonstration of Harvested will transfer to a complete release for Harvested. This is an ideal way to try Harvested yourself before buying it on the release day. In addition, you can get an advantage and enjoy the delightful experience that this farmer role-playing game offers.

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