NHN records Hangame Poker Chuseok Holiday 9th place

[ Park Yeo-jin reporter] NHN (CEO Jung Yeo-jin) announced on the 19th that the mobile game ‘Han game Poker’ and ‘Han game Poker Classic’ ranked 9th and 11th in Google Play during the Cause holiday. NHN’s July web board game sales rose 40% year-on-year.

Han game offers web board games such as Stop, Go, and Poker, Poker, Long and Sichuan. ‘Han game Poker’ and ‘Han game Poker Classic’ are mobile poker games based on the know-how of Han game Poker, which has been operated by Han game for 20 years. It offers authentic poker games such as ‘7 poker’, ‘Hold’em’ and ‘High’, and casino games such as ‘Baccarat’ and ‘Blackjack’.

NHN pointed out that this ranking rising factor was the traditional game brand holiday effects, and the city’s marketing such as Cause Event ▲ Web board game strengthening strategy.

In particular, the company plans to introduce content that can continue to strengthen the game. In the second half of this year, tournament events and content rebranding plans will be embodied.

One of them is the concept of ‘occupation’ that Han game Poker applied to the game. Occupation is a lot of content in the role-performing game (RPG) genre, and NHN used it unusually for web board games. In the case of ‘Han game Poker Classic’, we supported the linkage with the PC version to allow mobile play to be able to play as it is, and mini-games such as ‘High’ game and ‘Fortune Tree’ and ‘Magical Change’.

NHN said, Card games are classified as a mind sport that strategically compete in intellectual abilities like Go or chess abroad. The goal is to become a representative game and mind sport that can be enjoyed together.

Meanwhile, NHN will merge the game subsidiary NHN Big Foot on October 1 and focus on the game business capabilities based on the No. 1 competitiveness in the web board game. It is currently developing seven new works, including the Double Poker of the Hold’em genre, which is currently scheduled to be released this year.

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