Mori Mori retired from Ark System Works. Producers such as the Bla Blue series

Creator Mori announced on September 25 that he retired from Ark System Works. More Toshiba seems to work hard to deliver the game to users in some way.

Mori belongs to the Ark System Works and has been a producer of fighting game titles. Mori belonged to the Game Development Company Pick pack Aerial before the Ark System Works. He joined Ark System Works after being involved in the development of GUILTY GEAR X in the Pick pack Aerial. For about 20 years, he has been involved in fighting game titles at Ark System Works.

He is a specific title for producers in the Blaze series and Persona 4 Ultimate Inn He is Mahoney Katrina. The Blaze series also has the first and third character illustrations, and the Blaze Alternative Darkware for smartphones that ended in January 2022 in January 2022. He was supervising the scenario.

Recently, some users have been rumored to have disappeared from the list of directors listed on the Ark System Works official website. With the announcement from Yoritomo himself, his retirement from Ark System Works became public. According to Mori’s tweet, he is grateful to the Ark System Works staff, stakeholders, and users who supported me. On the other hand, Toshiba More apologizes for the uneasy of the BLAZE series users by leaving the Ark System Works.


In the future, More Toshiba said that he could deliver the game to the user in some way. He wants him to his future success.

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