Lil Nas X ironized on how to listen to Star Walkin and a fan creates the 3DS feat version. your parents

Tastes are like asses, there are all kinds. Perhaps that is why every year with the song of the Worlds we attend a fierce struggle within the League of Legends community, which for a few days become the greatest musical critics in history. This year the anthem is even more special than usual, because its author is none other than Lil Nas X , one of the greatest artists of the moment.

For summarizing the feeling of the community, the most commented is that it is appreciated that it is a different song to the formula used by Riot Games in these cases, although there are no few users who have noticed their opinion on how the song is Fourteen break. In fact, it has commented a lot how to put the video on YouTube at speed 1.25 would fix this supposed problem. Well, it seems that these criticisms have also reached Lil Nas X.

everything started by telling a music star how to work

About 3 days ago, shortly after the launch of the song, the author of it commented on social networks about the issue of community arrangements for Star Walking ‘. And according to his message on his Twitter, it is evident that he seems to him as a comic how the creative vision of him and that of the team that carried out the song is being questioned.


_ If you do not like Star Walking ‘, try to listen to it with the speed 1.25, with one more eighth and the filtered battery, in a 3DS Nintendo, at 3 in the morning while your parents argue in the background because things continue to get worse, While you tell yourself that it is not your fault, but you know that it really does _, Ironized Lil Nas X about the comments appeared in the community recently about his anthem for the 2022 Worlds.

Take the joke to the extreme

The story could have stayed there, but the YouTube channel Lane threw down the middle street. Instead of feeling alluded to, he made the effort to take the instructions of Lil Nas X, and create the version he commented on social networks . It is no longer that the song is modified at the musical level, it even adds to parents shouting in the background and a character listening to it in a 3DS.

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