The Netmarble Cultural Foundation, the 14th Netmarble Game Concert will be held on the 24th at Ger Town

-September 24th at 3 pm, anyone can watch through the meta bus platform ‘Ger Town’

-Repent Kim Myung-ju, Seoul Women’s University and Managing Director Too Bonding


** -‘Digital Ethics for Safe and Fun Games’ and ‘Virtual Training with Games’

The Net marble Cultural Foundation announced that it will hold the 14th Net marble Game Concert on the 24th at 3:00 pm on the Megabus platform ‘Gender Town’.

The Game Concert is an open forum social contribution program that invites experts in various fields from 2019 to share the game industry trend and future vision in 2019 to create a healthy game culture and spread the experience of experts and business. Since last year, it has been held online to prevent the spread of Corona 19 and provides opportunities to continue to participate safely.

This year, the main theme of ‘Game &’ is conducting collaboration with the game and other industries to explore the possibility of linking, and through the meta bus platform, the two-way communication-type lectures are not limited in time and space.

This year’s third game concert will be held by Professor Kim Myung-ju, Department of Information Security at Seoul Women’s University and Managing Director Too Bonding, as a lecture. I go out.

Through this, we will take a look at how to prevent unexpected situations that may occur in the digital world, and to find out the differences between games and virtual training and the potential for the development of virtual training.

Game concerts are interested in the game and game industry, and they can watch and participate in real-time through the meta bus platform ‘Ger Town’. How to access the Town can be found on the Net marble Cultural Foundation homepage and the official KakaoTalk channel.

For more information about the 2022 Net marble Game Concert, please visit the Net marble Cultural Foundation homepage .

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