Disney Dreamlight Valley: Find hardwood

In our HARTHOLZ-GUIDE to Disney Dream light Valley you can find out:

  • Where you can find hardwood
  • How you can farm the rare material

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Where can I find hardwood in Disney Dream light Valley?

Harold can be found in the following areas in Disney Dream light Valley:

  • Forest of bravery
  • Clearing of trust
  • Sunny level
  • Icy heights
  • Forgotten land


Like the softwood , hardwood lies on the floor and can be collected. It differs from softwood only in color. While softwood is very bright, hardwood has a dark brown color (see screenshot).

If you want to do Goofy Quest The Mysterious Wrack , you still need clay in addition to hardwood. Our clay guide to Disney Dream light Valley tells you how you can get the material quickly.

How can I farm hardwood?

The problem with all collectable materials in Disney Dream light Valley : As soon as you have grated an area and all hardwood, you have to wait awhile until new hardwood is spawned.

The most effective method to get hardwood quickly ** therefore looks like this: searches for a complete area for hardwood and then go to the next hardwood area. If you have grazed all areas, start again at the first area-with a little luck, new hardwood is spawn there again. The more areas with hardwood you have unlocked, the faster you get hardwood.

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