EAs PC platform EA App is officially released! Origin ends in late 2022

Electronic Arts has officially released a PC platform EA App (EA app) for Windows.

The EA APP is a new PC platform that has been implementing open beta, replacing the conventional Origin. It is said to be the fastest and lightest PC client, can easily find games, and also has functions such as automatic download and background update.

It is also possible to import EA accounts to other platforms and services such as Steam, Xbox, PlayStation. Since the EA App is only for Windows, Mac users will continue to use Origin.

The official page that can download the EA APP also includes frequently asked questions, and ORIGIN is scheduled to end in late 2022, it can log in with the same authentication information as ORIGIN, and re-download the game. It is explained that there is no such thing as a friendliest or game (including in-game purchases and save data) is automatically inherited.


The EA APP is being distributed to Windows, and will be invited to origin users soon.

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