Official Opening of Interchain NFT Platform Haba Service

[ Moon Byung-soo] Web 3 Solutions (CEO Young-Kwang LIM) announced on the 12th that it has officially opened the interchain NFT platform ‘HALVAH’ service and launched its ABA wallet.

Have is an interchain NFT platform that allows users to use NFT issued for the purpose of games, art, and social in various chains regardless of the chain. Users can use NFT in Binance or Clayton Chain in Have in games and social activities, and can exchange NFT regardless of chain.

You can also check the ‘planet node nft‘ by opening the ABA Service. Planet is a kind of ‘node’ and is a key device for maintaining the Have ecosystem. Members of the planet contribute to the ecosystem and receive the Have Coin as a reward. The Kaaba Team will also release additional information from Apps to be provided by detailed planet operating guides and the ABA Platform.

Along with the opening of the service, the company also launched the ABA Wallet (Wallet Application). The Hara wallet will be expanded to various interchain asset management functions in the future, starting with the inquiry and management function of the ABA Network Asset.

We also prepared a service opening event. White list pre-sale will be held for 3 days from 14th to the 14th. At the same time, the company plans to hold a ‘referral event’ that lowers the financial burden of buyers who want to purchase the planet.

LIM Young-gwang, the ABA Project Reed, said, The various use of NFT is the trend of the times. I think the era of ‘super use’ will come beyond the ‘super connection’ with the Hara platform service. I will do my best to be used freely.

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