Valorant Ion 2.0 Leaked Skin Bundle – price, release date, details

Along with all the news regarding the upcoming season, there are rumors that Riot Games launches the second version of the popular Ion package. Hearing is pure excitement, since the community has long requires a second version. According to the popular Valorant Leaker Mike Valiant The second version of the new set of ion 2.0 will have a skin for other popular weapons, such as Vandal, Specter, Ares and Frenzy, as well as Karambit’s future knife. At the end of the season, the set may appear in the game store on October 18, 2022, during the launch of the upcoming episode 5, act 3.

all skins for weapons and close combat in the set of skins valorant ion 2.0

You can find all the weapons and hand-to-hand combat in the Valorant Ion 2.0 set from the next list.

  • Ion Ares
  • Ion vandal
  • Ion spectrum
  • Ion Karambit
  • Ion madness

Studying the previous announcements about the sets of skins, you can expect that the entire set of skins will be sold according to 7100 on in the form of a set of Premium Bundle with the cost of separate items 1775 to . Skin Ion Karambit for close combat can be available for purchase for 3550 software, Similar to Prime 2.0 Ceramic.

when will Valorant Ion 2.0 come out?

As mentioned earlier, you can count on the purchase of a Valorant Ion 2.0 kit in the store at the beginning of the next episode 3, act on October 2, 18, 2022. Nevertheless, we need to wait for the official announcement from Riot Games regarding rumors of the skin set, and the news should be perceived with a share of skepticism.

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