The Party Organization Preservation Function was added secretly in Xenoblade 3. Important but important apde

Nintendo started distribution of Enfilade 3 updated data very. 1.2.0 on October 14. according to nintendo‘s support page, the update seems to have distributed the second content for expansion and path holders, adjusting the increase in the method of obtaining months sauce and adjusting various problems. However, some important changes have not been described on the support page. That is the implementation of the party formation storage function.

In Enfilade 3, there is a concept called class, and six protagonists play each class and play. There are quite a few classes, from Sword Fighters to Medic Gunner to Medic Gunner to Tactics, and you will travel while changing those classes while raising class ranks.


There are many types of classes, so you can form a party with a wide variety of combinations. On the other hand, there was no function to save these classes. For example, if there was a small fish enemy party and a boss party, it was necessary to change the party manually. Some people wanted a function to store party formation, as the combos and synergy in battles were important games. Or rather, I was. However, this update has added a party formation storage function.

It is easy to do, and you can call the party formation storage function by pressing the+button in the main menu. It is possible to preserve the current party and call for the saved party. Party names can also be changed. Gem, accessories, arts, and skills, such as skills, are stored at once. Of course the hero is also set. The number of slots is available up to 15, and the preservation and call are crispy, and the impression is simple, but the necessary functions are available.

It is well announced in the game that the party formation storage function has been added. It is unknown why it was not listed on the patch notebook on the support page, but it is certain that a useful function has been added anyway. As mentioned above, this update distributed the second expansion path content. The new hero Iñigo and the challenge battle have been implemented, and the elements are even more enriched. It would be a good idea to take advantage of the party formation preservation function and challenge a new battle.

Enfilade 3 is on sale for Nintendo Switch.

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