The 35th anniversary of the Three Kingdoms made by Koei, achieving 500,000 pre -reservations

KDKA Games announced on the 14th that the number of pre-booking participants in the Three Kingdoms Pad, which its mobile strategy game, has exceeded 500,000.

Three Kingdoms Pad is a mobile strategy game that Joe Techno is producing the 35th anniversary of the Three Kingdoms. It will be released on the 20th and will support several battles such as handicrafts, chemicals, surprise attacks, group exhibitions, and siege warfare. The siege is fast enough to occupy one castle in 15 minutes.


If you participate in the pre-booking, you will present game items, and you will receive the final goal of 500,000, providing all users with SSR rating and 110 draws. In addition, the participants will receive PS5, Samsung Galaxy Buzz 2, Google Gift Card, and Starbucks Gift Card. Samsung Galaxy S22 and Galaxy Watch 4 will be presented to Facebook Follow and official café subscribers.

In addition, a 10 million-haired battle with 10 million free gems is heralded. From the launch to the end of the season 1, all users will automatically participate in the army units.

Therefore, from now on, the company has been promoting a corps gathering promotion that supports the creation of the Legion. You can recruit corps at the official café, and you will receive a cultural gift certificate and a gift through a lottery among the users who have left the recruitment or comments.

For more information, please visit the official community of the Three Kingdoms.

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