RTS THE VALIANT, which draws the bond and atonement journey, is available in Japanese!

THE NORDIC has launched the new real-time strategy game The Valiant developed by KITE GAMES.

This work is a work depicting the bond and atonement journey in Europe and the Middle East in the 13th century. In order to stop the former comrades that can be a tragedy that can bring a tragedy in the world, we will overcome trials and difficulties to deepen the bonds with friends you meet during your trip. The main features of gameplay are as follows.

  • RTS based on various soldiers, from stubborn swordsman to quick cavalry soldiers

  • Choose a hero’s unit and a unit that supports them, and challenge 15 exciting 15 single player missions. Each mission has elaborate movies, stories, and difficulty levels.

  • There are more than 5 hero units. Each has three kinds of skill tree, and you can choose various passive skills and active skills in the process of level up.

  • In the campaign, various weapons and armor can be obtained and equipped. Each armor has a different performance and has a special skill option.


  • Heroes can build various buildings depending on the combination of skills and weapons/equipment.

  • In cooperation with friends, let’s play the strongest warrior together.
    In this mode, you can gain experience value by confronting the hordes of enemy, enhancing the knights to unlock new skills and decorative items.

  • Multi-player PVP mode supports one-to-one and two-to-two competition play, and rank play can evolve the appearance and get special rewards.

THE VALIANT, which is also compatible with Japanese, is being distributed at Steam/Gog.com/Epic Games Store for Windows. The price is usually $5,180/39.99, with 10 % off until October 27.

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