Does power die in Chainsaw Man? Responded (spoilers)

Among the many characters that appear in the anime and manga Chainsaw Man, Power is easily one of the most interesting people. A ball of frantic energy and excess of confidence, he embodies the usual protagonist of Shōnen to the extreme and elevates the mood of any scene in which he is. However, given the fate of most of the characters in the series, a question in your head has begun to emerge: Does power die in Chainsaw Man? Of the public security arch?

Fortunately for you, we have the answers you are looking for. However, be careful: there is massive spoilers ahead.

Does power kill in Chainsaw Man? Answered

Unfortunately, Power does die in Chainsaw Man, although not in the way one could have expected.

This is because Katsuki Fujiko deceives fans with what appears to be a gray end at Maxima. After arriving at the Maxima apartment with a cake to surprise Benji for his birthday, Maxima destroys power with the attack of the devil of darkness so that Benji can lead to despair and obedience.

However, a short time later, Power revives from Benji’s blood thanks to the fact that she let him drink her blood at the beginning of the series. Then he completely reincarnates as Blood Devil and uses his powers to help Benji save before Maxima can end him. However, in the process, it is death injured, which forces her to choose between saving herself or Benji.

She ends up choosing Benji, offering to make a contract with him. In exchange for his blood, he will have to go looking for his reincarnated form and be his friend again. Then he fades and has not seen it in the series since then.

It is a sad ending for his character in the public security section of the story, but also a decent summary of his character in general. Once the most selfish member of the cast of history, gives his life by Benji and ensures that he can move forward even if she is not there with him.

Does Benji find power after reincarnating?

As for whether to find Power after reincarnating in Chainsaw Man, it is still unknown.

While the series continued with a new part, Benji’s participation in history has been minimal. As a result, it is unknown if she has found Power again or if she is still somewhere causing chaos such as the devil.

Anyway, we will follow the series, and we will be attentive to any new development related to Power. If it appears, we will update this guide accordingly with as much relevant information as possible.

Hopefully, this was clarified whether Power dies or not in Chainsaw Man. To get more information about the series, see any of the articles related below. We also have many other guides related to Chainsaw Man, including some about whether Benji and Power come together or not, whether Benji and Maxima get together or not, and if Benji gets to feel tits or not.

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