GOG.com: Distribute a Jump n Keep Up Jazz Jackrabbit 2 Currently

Gog is currently being handed out as component of the Sales Jazz Jackrabbit 2, a timeless from 1998 by today’s Fortnite developer Epic Gaming. Rather than vanity shooter, there is a 2D jump ‘n’ Run with single gamer project, degree editor and even multiplayer choices.

Halloween is over, but GOG is still commemorating: by November 3rd the huge Halloween hall is still running there, where there is also something complimentary.

GOG: Just how to obtain jazz jackrabbit 2 free of charge

For the complimentary video game, naturally, you require a GOG account. As soon as you are registered, you can scroll 2 on the homepage to Jackrabbit’s banner and activate your totally free video game there. However, you have to agree in advance that you will obtain marketing emails from GOG in the future.

In order to maintain the jazz jackrabbit 2 collection, that includes the main game as well as the extensions The Secret Data and The Christmas Chronicles, you don’t need to do much. There is still a tiny catch.

As quickly as you have actually used the totally free game, you can take it back right away after that. To do this, you just need to go to Notices in the Settings & orders account area and examine the checkmark when Obtain notifications for our offers and also essential announcements.

GOG: Many offers in the Halloween sale

For the complimentary video game, of training course, you require a GOG account. As quickly as you are signed up, you can scroll 2 on the homepage to Jackrabbit’s banner and activate your complimentary game there. You have to concur ahead of time that you will receive advertising and marketing e-mails from GOG in the future.

With over 3,000 reduced video games, a large part of the GOG range is presently decreased, which is why the choice is quite varied. You can find out at GOG whether there is something for you that you actually desire to play in Halloween.


In enhancement to the free jazz Jackrabbit 2, there is also a huge option of video games that are reduced up until November 3 on the event of the Halloween Sales. Among them, for example, vampires: The Pose Bloodlines for 10.19 euros, cyberpunk 2077 for 30 euros, Alan Wake for 3.19 euros, Dungeon keeper 2 for 1.59 euros or Burglar: Deadly Shadows for 0.99 euros.

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