Experimental Game Festival out of index 2022, crowdfunding starts

Experimental Game Festival Out of Index (OSI) will start crowdfunding for the 2022 event.


OSI is an experimental game event created to inspire different inspiration and experimental spirit to the game industry, which is easy to focus on popularity and profitability. It contains a game that provides an innovative gameplay experience that has never been before, and introduces wonderful experiments.

The first OSI, which was held for the first time in 2014, has become the only event where you can meet ‘special games’ that are hard to see in Korea. He is co-hosted by the korean game studio, Single Core Games, G-Pink, and Turtle Cream.

OSI 2022 will be held at All That Mind in Munrae-dong on December 3rd. At the offline festival, you can play the works and invitations selected through the contest, and meet the developers of the game and listen to the story. The selection of OSI 2021, which was held only online due to the Corona-19 situation, can be played at the festival site this year.

crowdfunding participants in Tumble buck will be provided with festival tickets and masks and various goods as sponsorships. The crowdfunding project will be held until November 22. Other details can be found on the OSI website.

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