Fortnite: Pack of aid level uprising missions; All chips locations

From 11/3/2022 at 01: 00h CET and until the end of the seon, it is now available in Fortnite The Pack of Aida level upload missions . This is the level up of the seon 4 of Fortnite Chapter 3 , which brings with it a new Skin : Aida . Just below we give you all the keys to this new content package:

Pack of Aida level rise missions in Fortnite: this is all that it contains

The Aida level upload missions pack is a lot of the Fortnite store that brings a new skin (Aida), their respective accessories, and missions to climb from level , indicated it indicates the name of the lot itself.

This is the whole content of the pack, at a price of 1,200 turkeys (Fortnite’s virtual currency):


SKIN AIDA (the additional style CYBORG is unlocked by completing 28 missions).
Missions pack (4 sets of weekly missions containing 7 card collection missions for a total of 28. Missions are only available until the end of the seon on December 3, 2022).
Backpack accessory Dragon load (unlockable when completing 7 missions).
Dragon honor (unlockable when completing 14 missions).
Yard groove tool (unlockable when completing 21 missions).
Pen and ink style for the Skin Aida (unlockable when completing 28 missions).

The missions themselves are available every week until the end of the seon on December 3, 2022, and simply consist of obtaining collectible objects (level rise sheets) throughout the island.

Doubts about the Pack of Aida Level Missions in Fortnite

What does the level upload missions pack contain?

Fortnite level upload missions packs always bring a new Skin and its accessories , in addition to missions with which the latter unlocks and the possible additional styles that could be. Start the skin is unlocked, but for the rest of the objects we must complete the missions .

How to complete Aida’s missions?

The level upload missions packs include seven new level ups holler missions every week for four consecutive weeks , which adds a total of 28 missions. These missions are available from the launch of the pack and until the end of the current seon. (The number of missions available at the time of purche will depend on the week in which we buy the pack. However, it does not matter when we buy it, since we will have the 28 missions available when we arrive at week 4).

Each mission consists of collecting hidden level rise sheets on the island . If we manage to complete all the missions of a week, we will unlock a new cosmetics reward until a total of four rewards . These are your locations:

These are the cosmetics that can be unlocked with the Missions of the Pack of Aida Level Missions:

Missions of week 1 (already available): Backpack accessory dragon load .
Missions of week 2 (from 11/09/2022 at 2:00 p.m. CET): Dragon Honor Envelope .
Missions of week 3 (from 11/16/2022 at 14: 00h CET): Yard Exterior Collection tool .
Missions of week 4 (from 11/23/2022 at 2:00 p.m. CET): Pen and ink style for the Skin Aida .

For completing each of the level rise missions, you will receive a complete level. That is, With a pack of missions we can raise 28 levels in the battle ps .

What happens if I bought a pack of level upload missions a week after it is available?

Nothing happens, because we will not lose previously available missions . Have we bought the level upload missions pack during your second week? Well then we will have the missions of week 2 and those of week 1! And in the third week? We will have those of weeks 3, 2 and 1. And so on until the fourth week in which it is available. We can acquire the packs of level upload missions until the seon ends.

When do the Missions of the Packs of Level Raise Missions expire?

Since the level upload missions packs are per seon, All missions will expire when the current one ends . This means that The Missions of the Pack of level upload missions of Aida will expire at the end of Chapter 3-Temporada 4 (December 3, 2022).

After buying a pack of level upload missions, where can I find the missions?

The level upload missions are found on the Missions page, within their own category. For example, the Missions of the Missions of Aida Level Missions will be within the Aida category.

How can I buy a pack of level upload missions? Can I give it to a friend?

The level upload missions packs are sold in the object store in exchange for turkeys. The Aida level upload missions is available for 1,200 turkeys. And Yes, you can give away the pack of level upload missions to a friend .

Can a return request be used with the level upload missions packs?

No, they cannot be returned . The level upload missions packs are not compatible with return requests.

I only miss a few to level up. Would PE wte in level up with a pack of the pack?

If you only miss a little PE, we don’t have to worry about wting a level rise mission. Imagine that we are at level 89, and we only miss 15,000 PE to climb to level 90. If we complete a level rise mission, we will not rise to the 90 level with the ACTIVE PE bar to reach level 91. Instead, in its place, We will rise at level 90, and we will only miss 15,000 PE to reach level 91.

The Pack of Aida Level Missions is the lot of this type of Fortnite Seon 4. In our Fortnite guide we tell you how to complete all missions and how to get ft XP.

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