Fullmetal Alchemist: The anime in which Hitler is Canon and the bad end is a Nazi secret society

The world of the shōnen, the Japanese animation series for teenagers, is a hyper-competitive 1. When I was just 10 years old, it was thought that Shaman King was going to be the next Peter, or it was even possible as it was Monster Rancher .

Over the years, just a few series have managed to make a place next to Dragon Ball , that first world megabit shōnen. We are talking about Naruto , Pokémon that has the crutch of video games and merchandising, or One Piece with its amazing longevity.

That does not mean that we could not see incredible series during these two past decades, rather on the contrary. And one of them is full metal Alchemist , a manga and later two anime, on two brothers instructed in alchemy, an art that replaces science in the fictional world in which it develops. Well, today we are going to talk about a movie about this anime that is so strange, as striking: The Shambles conqueror .

But, first: what about Full metal Anime?

There is cloth to cut with full metal Alchemist. Given its success during the first volumes of the manga since the beginning of the publication in 2001, the renowned Bones study adapted this story in a total of 52 episodes. The Shambles conqueror, the film released in 2005 that we are talking about in this text, is the end of the story told in the original series.

The problem is that the manga written by Xiaomi Alabama did not end its publication until 2010. This means that from a certain moment in history, the anime throws along its own path, with an end different from what you can read in the manga. Such was the difference and such the success of the characters, which years later Full metal Alchemist was created: Brotherhood.

It is not a sequel, if not a completely new series and that, this time, it continues to feet together everything that the graphic novel proposes. This makes the first ten or twelve episodes practically identical, almost like a remaster, and subsequently passes to a story that goes through other completely different paths. Something strange for those dates, but that is currently very fashionable with things like Hunter X Hunter.

Solved this, we go with Shambles

We have already said that Full metal Alchemist is a dystopia in which alchemy, a kind of science that works the principle of equivalent exchange (you always get something with the same value as what you have given). What this story tells is what happens when Edward, one of the two brothers, is sent to the real world, which coincides with Germany of the early twentieth century .

While the story of the characters is how to meet again, and the battle of both of being together again, we are presented with a Germany that we can read in the history books. The racial and economic tensions that would lead to the appearance of the Nazi movement are seen to the point that Edward ends up relating to a group of Roman gypsies persecuted by a secret society of the German National Socialist Party.

All the characters we know in the original series have their counterpart in this real world. To such an extent this takes this that King Bradley is here the legendary film director Fritz Lang , or that Master Hughes in this world is a member of the Nazi Party.

But the most interesting thing is that they dare to show real characters with past in Nazi Germany. Decline Eckhart , the main villain of the film, is based on a man who helped Hitler during the Dutch of the brewery. They also appear Karl Harsher , developer of the vital space policy that led to the conquest of half Europe by the Nazis, and its student Rudolph Hess, who was the right hand of the Führer.

Of course, Hitler himself is also present in the film . After Dietrich’s capture, he is arrested just when he performed that massive act in the brewery. Unlike other dystopia such as the Tarantino movie ‘Damn Bastards’, it does not alter the story of the real world too much, since what happens is that he is taken to jail, just where he could write his book ‘Mein Kampf’.

The Shambles conqueror is a film that closes the original Full metal Alchemist anime making the most difficult yet. Expands the world; In fact, he folds it, and seeking to close the questions that remained in the air with that first final. Today Brotherhood has won the game and will be remembered and seen by the curious long before the original anime and Shambles, but I assure you that it is worth reviewing this story.

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