Unity-Iron sauce final merger, integrated development support

Unity finished the merger of iron sauce. As a result, the two platforms, which are useful to mobile app creators, have joined hands and became the industry’s first end-to-end platform.

Unity announced the final merger with Iron Sauce on the 8th. The final merger allows Unity to support the entire development life cycle that can grow developers’ 3D experience and grow. Developers can receive various tools to get a gap between production and growth in one place, and various solutions can provide users with a better game experience. In the case of game money, you can also maximize profits through the Unity MIDST platform ‘Levelly’.

John Rickytello, CEO of Unity, said, Welcome to the unity group joining the Unity Group, and the final mergers will be a leading global platform that can reach more creators by completing the final mergers. I think, he said. This merger has become easier to support creators to successfully develop and grow apps. It is planned to be provided.

The driving force of this merger, which will make a big change in the industry, is to create more value for developers in the entire development process, said Homer Bar GIB, CEO of Homer Bar GIB. There is a great expectation for the journey to strengthen all the journey to grow into a business.

For more information on the final completion of this merger, please visit the official Unity website.

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