In the service of Asgard God of War Ragnarok: How to complete the mission in Svalfheim?

According to the people of Nidavelir in God of War Ragnarök, Mimic caused major problems. Serving Odin, he would have built three Towers Extractors that suck Svartalfheim’s resources, to the disgust of the dwarves. It’s time to correct the mistakes with our old friend and the speaker, destroying the 3 towers in the bay of abundance.

Tower Modvitnir

The first tower to be disabled is southwest of the bay of abundance. After putting your feet on the floor, eliminate the calamities and start your climb through the nearby wooden walls . Do not forget the legendary chest in the passage. After the first hook, change your orientation by swinging your ax several times in the valve in the center. Once on the cliff, climb the golden current and get ready for battle: a monster that eathes calamity waits for you in the furnace. Eliminate it and disable the tower before you go out to your canoe.

Tower Although

It is at the northwest edge of the Bay Area. Here you will have to move a hook up and down to reach the different levels of the structure. First put it at your level, then lower the elevator well to climb it and reach the other side. Then explode the container to your left with your blades, turn around and climb to release access to the wheel to move the hook.


Continue, explode the barrel unlocking 3 clues and take left to climb, so crush the floor below. Now that you are at the water level, move the platform again using the blades, then Go back to hold the hook above. Climb another level, and you will be at the highest level, with the extractor affordable. Eliminate the bunch of enemies on site and destroy the tower. Be careful before leaving, remember to open the legendary chest in the area.

Tower Raising

This tower is located east of the bay. Attach the watchman to unlock a new passage point, then go to the extractor . A new bunch of darkness will attack you, with many reinforced units and even some nightmares, those annoying flying eyes that can explode. After destroying this second tower, be sure to open the Corner chest that is in the area.

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