Cyberpan Clog Light TPS Arcrunner announced. Up to three people cooperated, broke the evil AI

Developer Trick jump Games announced Arc runner on November 10. Compatible platforms are PC (Steam) and PS4/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S, which will be released in 2023.

RUNNER is a third-person rogue-light action game. The stage of this work is the giant space station THE ARC drawn in cyberpunk colors. One day, the virus infects More, an AI that controls the ARC, and all robots in the station are hostile. The player will manipulate the cybernetic android body, and will be on the mission of saving the space station from More, which has become evil AI. The published trailer allows you to see the battle scenery in each location, such as a future city with a cheerful cyberpunk feeling.


In this work, players choose one from three types of weapons and abilities with different weapons and abilities. It is said that there is a versatile combat-type soldier, hacker specialized in infiltration and sunshine, high-speed and high-fired ninja. From enemies and supplies, it seems that you can acquire different weapons depending on the class, such as energy hammer, Katina, and shock blast. In addition, this work also supports online cooperation multiplayer for up to three people.

Among the stages of each stage, it is possible to equip an AUGMENTATIONS (physical expansion parts) using a device called Autodoc. The types of parts that can be used will vary depending on the class, and each function can be strengthened. There seems to be various effects, such as parts that affect the damage and effects of weapons, parts that enhance movement capacity and parts that add weapon slots. By using nanite resources that can be obtained on the way, it is possible to enhance the character for the next and subsequent play.

TRICKJUMP GAMES, which handles this work, has been working on cooperative play, aiming for a safety zone in a city full of zombies, which is an FPS/TPS game that aims to learn the fighting skills of battle royal games in the past. We are producing 10 Miles to Safety, a looked-up action game. RUNNER, a cooperative TPS, is likely to be utilized in the past work.

RUNNER is being developed for PC (Steam)/PS5/PS5/Xbox One/Xbox Series X | S. The distribution time is scheduled for 2023.

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