Hell is up to gold! Announcement of FPS survival HellBREACH: VEGAS that kicks the devil in Las Vegas

Iceberg Interactive has announced the new FPS survival Hell breach: Vegas developed by Infinity APE STUDIOS.

This is a game in which one or a team survivor confronts the devil’s army trying to invade the earth after the end, and the players must withstand many devils in the devastated debris of Las Vegas. Not. Since the enemy’s attack gradually becomes intense, we will earn experience and funds upgrades and unlock the park bonus.

  • Play in 4 CO-OP with one person or a team with a friend.

  • From traditional assault rifles to experimental guns, many unique weapons that beat the devil.

  • Many monsters to be defeated appeared. The exploding devil, the devil crawling, the demon… the devil… the devil…

  • Las Vegas! If you kill and make money, you will be poured into gambling such as weapons and damage boosts with he’ll slot machines.

  • Customize the stylish costumes of survivors to get rid of the devil.

HELLBREACH: VEGAS, which will not know where the devil came from, will be sent back and survive, will be distributed in 2023 in 2023.

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