More than 70 unique recipes! Released for casual cooking games YUM YUM COOKSTAR switch/PS4/Xbox One/PC

Playion Publisher RavenS court and Planet Entertainment have released the casual cooking game Yum Cook star for PC/Console for PC/Console.

This is a casual cooking game with more than 70 kinds of unique recipes, and players will challenge the cooking contest held by the Yum Yum chef.

Many colorful creative recipes such as Rainbow Waffle, Sushi Britney, and Unicorn Smoothie will appear, and will be evaluated by three judges by mastering cooking techniques. It seems that there is also a function that allows you to unlock new recipes by posting reactions from judges to SNS. In addition, the customization function is substantial, so it is possible to create your favorite kitchen with home appliances.

The game difficulty is relaxed, casual, professional, and booster, and there are several modes, including the Daily Cooking Challenge and the Invitation Tournament by judges. In addition, the original songs produced by Nile Rogers, which produced Madonna and David Bowie, will further excite the games.

The cooking game yum YUM COOK STAR, which features more than 70 kinds of unique recipes such as rainbow waffles, is on sale for PC (Steam)/PS4/Xbox One/Nintendo Switch.

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