Valorant: Patch 5.10 features Buffs in Cypher, Fade nerfs and more

Riot Games revealed on Tuesday (15) all the news that arrive with the Current Patch 5.10 of Valorant. Among the main changes are buffs in agent Cypher, which has been going on among the least used in the competitive, and nerfs in the character Fade, which since its arrival is among the strongest of Riot’s FPS.

The 5.10 update also features a series of smaller corrections and smaller adjustments, including some in the latest game agent, Harbor, which reached Valorant’s cast on Patch 5.08.

Check out all changes in the update 5.10.



  • Maximum length of the wire increased: 1,000 >>> 1,500.

Neural Assault

  • Now reveals enemies twice, with a 4S interval between the revelations.
  • The restriction of time of conjuration in enemy corpses was removed.
  • Maximum distance from the Increased Conjuration: 1,200 >>> 1,800.

Quality of life

  • Updated yellow silhouette used in Cypher’s surveillance and neural assault revelations.
  • Now, the yellow silhouette disappears if the revealed enemy is visible, helping to reduce the confusion caused by seeing two representations of the opponent in different places.
  • Now the yellow silhouette begins more faded and adds faster to be more distinguishable from a real enemy.
  • Cypher-positioned utilities can no longer be destroyed by the damage in the Allied area.

Fan of


  • Reduced duration: 3S >>> 2.5s. (Lifetime of a lurking without a trail).
  • Bite range upon reaching increased target: 0.4s >>> 0.6s.
  • Improvements in the collision box.
  • Duration of blurred vision to reduced contact: 3.5s >>> 2.75s.
  • Now, if the target teleports away before the end of the loaning animation, they disappear and no longer have a negative effect.



  • Number of loads Purchasable: 1 >>> 2.

General updates

  • Menu Update: After listening to complaints about removing access with a click to most of our menus, we ought this feature back in the form of universal navigation at the top of the screen. Now you can jump from the home screen now For the battle pass, agents, career, collection and store with just one click. Not right which icon does what? Pass them with the mouse pointer! We put tips to help get better familiar.

Map Updates

  • The doors will now destroy installable objects as soon as they come into contact with them, not when closed.



  • Fixed the problem that misaligned the notification Refusing Friendship Requests automatically: activated on the social panel in some languages.

Agent bug corrections


  • Astra can no longer cast a fake nebula at the beginning of a round before his star carries.


  • Chamber again equipped a gun at the beginning of a new round.


  • The Harbor Waterfall ceased to appear in the minimal of enemies that have her vision.
  • Harbor waterfall no longer appears under the map.
  • The target marker of the Harbor waterfall no longer decreases in the minimal when aiming up or down, as the ability travels the same distance.
  • The target marker of the Harbor Waterfall is no longer a little shorter than the distance that will really be traveled.


  • Neon slide can no longer be used to generate an upward impulse in specific places of the maps.

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