Will Genshin Impact be released for Xbox?

Genshin Impact is the successful RPG of Hoovers, eaking barriers with luxury partnerships, anime in production and off game events, and over $15 billion already collected only in mobile. Set in a magical world with an extensive character catalog, the game is available for PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, iOS, PC and iPadOS. With so many playable platforms, the public still wants to know, will GENGHIS be released for Xbox?

No Genshin Impact release date for Xbox has been confirmed. The game has been available for different platforms since September 28, 2020, but none includes the Microsoft console and there is no forecast for addition. Another one that is also outside the list is Nintendo Switch, long awaited by the community, but developers are still silent about any official information, but ensure that the version is under development.

Unlike the switch, Hoovers gave no detail about a possible arrival of Genshin Impact at Xbox. However, it seems that Microsoft regretted not having closed agreement with the RPG previously and dropped in the hands of the direct competitor, Sony. In October this year, Reuters released the information and explained that the company would also be looking for a strong competitor for Genshin Impact to supply this loss and is in contact with Chinese studios. Microsoft would have tried to run after the damage and negotiated with Hoovers, but by that time it was already out of the Chinese developer’s plans.

If Microsoft regrets, Sony cannot say the same, with the game compatible for its last two consoles, Sony has been earning the game’s adhesion, even participated in partnerships, such as the introduction of the character Ally to the East universe. The heroine is the protagonist of one of PlayStation’s top titles, Horizon Zero Dawn, and reached the game first as exclusive for PS5 players and later made available to all platforms.


Due to the current and apparent lack of communication between Hoovers and Microsoft, the dream of having the game on Xbox seems distant, especially with the company’s possible attempts to invest in a competitor for Gen shin.

Where to play Genshin Impact?

The game is available for different platforms and has some minimum and recommended requirements for each. MGG azil has also separated some ideal electronics for those who want to start playing, such as the best notebooks, mobile phones and accessories for beginners or experienced ones who want to boost gameplay.

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