Scarlet and Purple Pokemon: The Tier List with all the Pokemon of the game created by a professional

Pokémon games do not shine for giving special prominence to their competitive aspect, but the community puts tons of effort to keep this section of the title alive. Scarlet and purple have not changed things in this regard and, in fact, it seems that interest is at its peak after the last great events organized by the creators of Spanish-speaking content. A perfect context that allows us to know much more about the fighting and that has given rise to a former professional player deciding to carry out the most conscientious tier list possible with all the creatures present in the Ninth Generation Pokédex.

The definitive tender of scarlet and purple Pokémon

In a streaming session that lasted for six hours, Pokédex carried out a complete tender list with all the creatures available in scarlet and purple Pokémon except for the legendary older. The Spanish player, who ended his competitive career with the end of a sword and shield, remains involved in the community as a content creator. A luxury considering that he has participated in countless national, continental tournaments and even world championships. During the final season of the seventh generation, it was even among the eight best on the planet at the World Championship VGC.


Entering the matter, the truth is that there are not many surprises in the first step. Amongst and Growth lite become the kings of any format with restricted Pokédex in which we do not take into account the great legendary. To them is added a Melendez that has a combination of statistical distributions and skills that we have rarely seen throughout the saga. Maybe what is surprising that is above Brahmana, Ferropolilla, Ferraro, Ferropalmas (widely used). However, there are a lot of the new paradoxical creatures that fall to the worst positions of the Tier List.

Sultana and Relearn did not even get over the Pokédex exam, staying in the lowest step. Situations somewhat more favorable for Charity and Ferrocuello (situational) or furious, colmilargo, eroded and ferropaladin (usable). Keep in mind that the assessment is done thinking about the use that Pokémon may have in VGC, where some restrictions are likely to be imposed on the use of certain creatures. This situation could lead to many of the new Pokémon are not used. Taking into account the first three steps, there are only 10 non-paradoxical species introduced into the new generation.

In any case, there are very interesting new additions. Chainsaw and Chimu, obtained by collecting stakes, promise to offer a very good performance. Very similar situation for Holding. Also, although perhaps from a second step, Armature or College could appear. As a curiosity, the best valued initial is quaqaval (equally evolution). Share Tier as one of the great water type Pokémon with Paladin and its strange heroic form. In general, what seems clear, is that there will be a lot of variety beyond the nuclei formed from the three creatures in the God Tier.

We insist that the Tier List was composed only thinking of VGC so, although all the Pokémon in the first positions are very good, there are some that remain in the background. This is the case for example of Hound stone, which has been prohibited in individual fighting, but does not stand out particularly in double mode. Additionally, Pokédex warns that perhaps he would need to make a couple of changes in the last two steps. However, he acknowledged being satisfied with the Tier List at a general level and even received the congratulations from other members of the community.

Do not hesitate to follow Pokédex on his YouTube channel if you want to know more about Pokémon’s most competitive slope.

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