Multiplayer Pokemon Scarlet and Violet: How to play with friends in the 9th generation?

For the first time in the franchise, Pokémon Scarlet and Violet offers an open world adventure, fully exploited on soil or multiplayer. Here’s how to unlock the local and online co-op in Pale, so you can play with friends, participate in Teracrystal king, or simply change monsters to collect the exclusive of each version.

An open world that can be explored by four people

Although the whole Pale is exploited with four-or fewer players, this does not mean that the main adventure can be shared. Only a few activities are possible to perform in local or online multiplayer mode:

  • Poképortal: a way to exchange Pokémon with other coaches, Wonder Trade or Fight
  • Club Union: The functionality that allows you to activate the four-player cooperative mode in your game (is included in the Poképortal) to explore the region, make picnics or Races of Teracrystal.

On the cooperative side, players who will accompany you on your adventure can help you face Pokémon in Reid’s of Teracrystal, encourage you during fighting Wild Pokémon, show your own Pokémon or even walk beside you with your mounts.

Pokémon Scarlet and Violet’s adventure is not really shared. Do not expect to advance the main plot with your friends, but that they accompany you.

How to unlock multiplayer mode and use it?

When to unlock?

You will unlock the multiplayer functions as soon as you approach your first Pokémon Center at South Province 1. It is Demon who will explain the center’s possibilities for you and point the great yellow circle on the floor. You do not necessarily have to go to this yellow circle, as the Poképortal option will be available on your main menu (x). The yellow circle simply provides a shortcut straight to Club Union to create or join a group.


Invite or join friends via Club Union

Whether locally or online (Internet connection is required and therefore Nintendo Switch signature online), the operation requires a private code that you communicate to players who want to enter the game or vice versa. To play in local cooperative mode: Make sure you are offline.

  1. Open the Poke Portal menu or the Pokémon Center Club Union;
  2. Create a club and set a password to communicate with other players, or type the password received;
  3. Now you can explore Pale together.

Races and exchanges through the Poképortal

The Poképortal menu offers other online activities that do not require going to another player’s world. So if you want to make Reid’s of Teracrystal without going to another world, you can click on the TeraCrystal Raids option on the menu and enter the password provided by a player.

It is also in this menu that you can also recover your Mystery Gifts.

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