All new weapons in the 19th season Destiny 2

Bungee did everything possible in the 19th season, Seraphic season, in Destiny 2. More than 40 new and processed types of weapons appeared in the game, and the game has a lot of prey.
Of course, the real treasure of this season dedicated to Rasputin is an Kilos weapon that can be scattered!

fate 2 Seraphic weapon season

  • exotic
    • Manticore-Energy of Void SMG
  • Dawn
    • Stay frosty-Stasis kinetic impulse rifle
    • Cold front-a kinetic submachine gun
    • Glakesoclasm-rifle synthesis of emptiness energy
    • Avalanche-machine gun of solar energy
    • Marshmallow-Stasical power sword
  • Deep stone crypt
    • Inheritance-kinetic shotgun
    • Succession-kinetic sniper rifle
    • Offspring-hand gun with arc energy
    • Trust-a rifle of a solar energy scout
    • commemoration-a machine gun of the power of emptiness
    • Testament-a sword of the power of an arc
  • Seraphic’s weapon
    • Non-compliance-stasis kinetic impulse rifle
    • Canary Tripwire-Energy Luke of arcs
    • Court of Kelgorat-Glef of Solar Energy
    • Fire and forget-linear plasma rifle Stasis Power
    • The path of the least resistance is an arc rifle with energy tracer
    • Modernization of the escapades machine gun of the emptiness force
  • Osiris tests
    • Until truth-a manual gun of the energy of the abyss
    • Until truth (adept)-manual gun of the energy of the abyss
    • Unwavering debt-a machine gun of solar energy
    • Unwavering debt (adept)-machine gun of solar energy
  • Kilos
    • Kilos_HC_v1.0.3-manual gun of the energy of the abyss
    • Kilos_SG_v1.0.3-Solar Energy hand gun
    • Kilos_Sr_v1.0.3-Sniper rifle on solar energy
    • Kilos_SMG_v1.0.3-sniper rifle with arc energy
  • Competitive playlist Crucible
    • Rose-kinetic hand gun
  • World drops
    • Lodbro-s-kinetic automatic rifle
    • Afraid FR6-Stasis kinetic thermonuclear rifle
    • Jury with a large Christmas tree, SR4-Kinetic rifle of a scout
    • Jury with a large Christmas tree, SR4 (adept)-a kinetic spinning rifle
    • Harararaka-3SR-Stasis kinetic spinning rifle
    • Long-term engagement-Stasis kinetic submachine gun
    • Dark decisive-automatic rifle with arc energy
    • Veles-x-impulse rifle of the energy of the abyss
    • Hanna ax-arc energy shotgun
    • Fioritura-59-Pistol of the Energy of the Abyss
    • Albruna-D-sniper rifle with arc energy
    • Bendigo GL4-arc grenade launcher
    • Bendigo GL4 (adept)-arc grenade launcher
    • Blow out-arc power
      As can be seen from the list, for each type of activity there are many options.


Personally, we are going to visit a deep stone crypt and new seasonal activity for the manufacture of versions of one of the most beautiful types of weapons that Destiny 2 have ever seen.

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