8 Mistlands Juice Extractors Tips You Need To Know

Juice extractors are a craft design added in Mist lands update for Waldheim, and not many players know about them.
Fortunately, it is easy to understand why you can use juice extractors or how to create them in the update of Latham Mist lands.

How to create a juice extract in Latham

To make a juice extractor in Latham, you will need 10.
Yggdrasil wood, five Black metal is also one Verger extractor.
This is where you can find all these items and resources listed below:
Where to find the forest of Iggdrasil-you can find the wood of Yggdrasil in Latham, finding the biomes of foggy lands and cutting down the shoots of Yggdrasil.
Fortunately, the shoots of Yggdrasil grow high on the rocks in the biome of foggy lands, so it is easy to find them.

You can also find them highly growing next to ancient roots.
How to get a black metal-you can get Black Metal by killing Rulings and throwing Black Metal Scrap into a domain furnace.
How to get an extractor Dverger-to get the spinners extractor, you must collect them, raiding on the buildings of tags in the biome of foggy lands.
Inside the locations of Verger, look for large chests with luminous paths.
The plunder of chests will turn all the jaws of the dodgers nearby hostile, so we recommend killing them before robbing a chest.

How to use juice extractor in Latham

As soon as you collect all the necessary resources for the manufacture of juice extractor, you can use it to extract juice by placing it on ancient roots with luminous green veins.
The placement of the juice extract allows you to farm juice that you can turn into a refined are through an after of the refineries.
Nevertheless, you can find the ancient roots necessary for the installation of the juice extractor, exploring the foggy lands by boom and looking for large roots with luminous green veins.


Another indication of which trees are ancient roots is the presence of the root name in the root, which says the ancient root pulsates the energy shown in the image below.

How to place juice extractor in Latham

To place the juice extractor in Latham, you should have a hammer on the fast access panel.
With a hammer in your hand, click with the right mouse button and open the Creation tab.
On the Creation tab, you can find the extractor of the juice and place it over the ancient root, choosing it with the left button.
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