Castlevania will first return to Dead Cells.

In the world of video games, trends often succeed one another. As a result, it is normal that today many players are waiting for the next Castlemaine title. But we have not forgotten his older brother, who will first return to Dead Cells and this with DLC Curse of the Moon before 2020.

No, the Video game Awards 2022 ceremony did not push the great surprises to the point of revealing the release of the next Castlemaine, however the advancement of additional content on the theme of the INAMI legend in Dead Cells remains an outstanding indication
For vampire hunters (and vampires themselves).
Nearly a year that Motion Twin and Evil Empire concealed without breaking: the next extra material of Dead Cells will be released in early 2023 and will be based upon Castlemaine cult franchise, which is amongst the primary motivations of the popular Rogue-Like.

To mark the occasion, this DLC will be the most ambitious ever produced by Movement Twin and Evil Empire.
We can count on two biomes taking the type of the suburbs of the Château de Dracula and the castle appropriate.
Gamers will handle emblematic weapons (whip, ax, holy water) against enemies that are simply as much (sirens, bone launchers, haunted armor), without forgetting 3 manager fights, especially one whose identity is
Not extremely hard to guess.
But this DLC, whose rate will be 10 euros rather of the normal 5 euros, goes further than typical by getting in touch with the famous Richter Belmont and Placard, protagonists at the heart of a brand-new scenario that will support players in
helping the latter navigating in the maze of Dracula castle and providing them with effective weapons.
Oh, and if the plans of the trailer have cravings to you, this additional material will consist of more than 60 tunes of Castlemaine, initial or reimagined.


A generous choice including obviously Vampire Killer, Bloody Tears or Divine Bloodlines.

An honor for Dead Cells and a chance for Castlemaine

This partnership is as much a privilege for Dead Cells as an advantage for the Castlemaine license, which will need to speak about it in the type of couple of marketing strokes (in addition
days with some brand-new jobs, as Silent Hill will do.
Remember, before the announcements of the Silent Hill Transmission last October, INAMI had actually multiplied the hints by weaving for instance links with Dead by Daytime.
One can quickly envision that the statement of the Castlemaine material in Dead Cells responds to a comparable method, particularly to put the franchise in the spirits a little before revealing its return in due and great form.
We handled to encourage INAMI to let ourselves be recreated this real emblematic pillar of computer game, and we loved each minute spent creating our own love letter to the grandpa of Dead Cells, bringing the Castlemaine series to his roots
of action in 2D. We wish to have done justice to the game which motivated thousands of others, and it was a ludicrous benefit to deal with this task, we can keep reading Steam.

Dead Cells-Annonce du DLC Return to Castlemaine

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