Electronic Arts Shows Off 4 New Games Theyre Working On, Including FIFA 2022

Electronic Arts (EA) has had a fantastic year with their slew of new releases and updates. In this article, you’ll get a glimpse into the future of EA–including what games they’re working on and progressing towards in the next few years.

As soon as again, Electronic Arts was allowed to celebrate a successful video game year.
More than 600 million gamers around the world played at least one EA title this year.
The most popular sports franchise was not surprisingly FIFA.
With the youngest spin-off, EA set up a record gamer: 10.3 million players struck in the first week.
Among other things, the football simulation in Great Britain and the United States controlled.
An overall of over 200 countries are associated with fantastic success.
Incidentally, the FIFA brand name also leads in the mobile location.
Apart from sport, Apex Legends was most popular.


The Fight Royale shooter was released in February 2019 and is now in the 15th Season.

A mobile variation has likewise been offered considering that May this year.

the greatest growth in Asia-Pacific

In which areas did EA 2022 win most gamers?
The world-famous publisher was especially successful in Asia-Pacific this year.
With 27.2 percent, the growth share was greatest here.
This is followed by Europe (24.9 percent), Latin and South America (23.5 percent) and The United States and Canada (12.8 percent).
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In the end, EA accentuated important reports of the year again.
For instance, Wild Hearts was announced, which is plainly based upon Monster Hunter.
The release takes location on February 17, 2023.
In addition, the inspirational artist Ted Lasso and the AFC Richmond association was included FIFA 23 on September 30th.
There were many reports on the horror remake Death Stranding, the publication of which is prepared for January 27, 2023.
Source: Electronic Arts
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