Elden Ring is the Game of the Year at the Game Awards 2022: MediaMarkt now offers this game,

Elden Ring was the Game of the Year at the Game Awards 2022. MediaMarkt now offers this game for low price.

For lots of, Elden Ring is the video games of the year.
The very first open-world role-playing video game from software (Dark Souls) has actually cleaned many top ratings, likewise in the PCG test (10/10).
And a few days earlier, the jury granted the Video game Awards 2022 as Game of the Year.
If you or your liked ones wish to provide yourself this masterpiece for Christmas and save money, we have the option for you: At MediaMarkt you can now purchase Elden Ring for PS5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One/Series Umlaut Price comparison.
The PC variation is likewise available as a price suggestion at Media Market 42% less expensive.
The leading offers begun time for the release of the complimentary multiplayer DLC, which just recently happened.

Elden Ring: How good is the price tip at MediaMarkt?

Elden Ring, Video Game of the Year at the Video game Awards 2022, is now offered for PS5, Xbox & Co. at a low price at Media Market.
Source: Banzai NAMC
Anybody who follows the motto Best quality at the very best rate when buying the video game can not avoid these top offers at Media Market quickly before Christmas.
Elden Ring, Game of the Year at the Video game Awards 2022 and just recently with the free multiplayer DLC, you can purchase for PS5, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One/Xbox Series X at low rate.
The console variations of Banzai NAMC’s role-playing hits are offered for 39.99 euros and therefore 30 euros below the RRP (69.99 euros).
According to the cost contrast, Elden Ring has not been bought more affordable anywhere.
The PC variation is also offered as a rate pointer, for this you only pay 34.99 euros (RRP 59.99 euros).
MediaMarkt delivers Elden Ring devoid of shipping and prior to Christmas.

Cost idea: Elden Ring for PS5, PS4, Xbox One/Series X and PC 42% cheaper at Media Market

Elden Ring (PS5).
EUR 39.99 (-42%).
Elden Ring (PS4).
EUR 39.99 (-42%).
Elden Ring (Xbox One/ Xbox Series X/ S).
EUR 39.99 (-42%).
Elden Ring (PC).

EUR 34.99 (-42%).
Elden Ring PS4 39.99 euros Elden Ring Xbox One/Series x 39.99 euros at MediaMarkt. ## optimum rating in the PCG test: What makes Elden Ring so special?
Elden Ring has cleared top rankings worldwide in reviews and was likewise rated 10/10 in the PCG test.
The first open world role-playing video game by Dark Souls designer from software application is passionate.
An impressively designed game world with terrific art design, a variety of secrets and diverse locations, a substantial scope in addition to the intensive battles with super designed challengers and employers are simply a few of the numerous qualities that the tester observed positively.
In the Video game Awards 2022, Elden Ring was recognized as the Video game of the Year.
The first Elden Ring DLC just recently appeared, which all players can download complimentary of charge.
By the way: If you are trying to find tips for Elden Ring, you will find a rich deal on PC Games.
At MediaMarkt you can now purchase Elden Ring for PS5, Xbox, PS4 and pc.



Elden Ring in the test video.

Elden Ring: Trailer for the Multiplayer DLC (now readily available complimentary of charge).

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