Donald Glover Will Star The Villain In Spider-Man: Homecoming, According To New Rumor

Donald Glover, the famous actor, singer and producer, already h his own role in the Sony Pictures Cinematographic Spider Aromatic with Marvel in the role of a new-and quite unknown-Villano new of the spider-man comics.
Thus, Glover, who already participated in Spider-Man Homecoming of the UCM in a small role the supposed uncle of Miles Morales, will return to the cinema Hypno-Hustler, an enemy of quite secondary Spider that will join the Live-Action party
of other characters such those already presented Venom or Möbius or the next Raven El Hunter, Madame Web or the dead of Bad Bunny.
This is exclusively collected by The Hollywood Reporter.

Hypno-Hustler and the Mercy Killers

Thus, Sony Pictures continues to bet on second and third villains for next film projects of its Spider verse.
This is the ce of Hypno-Hustler and his band, the Mercy Killers;
Thus, the main singer, Antoine Despoil (Donald Glover), is able to hypnotize people with the notes of his electric guitar and, along with his bandmates, do the same with large groups of people.

At the moment, little more is known about this new film, although it h been confirmed that its main screenwriter is Myles Murphy, the son of Eddie Murphy.


It is not yet known what director will dare with such a peculiar project and does not have a specific premiere window, although if the dead is not expected before 2024, HyPno-Hustler would not reach until 2025 or 2026.
The next thing of the Sony Spider Tunes will be Raven El Hunter in 2023, the dead and Madame Web in 2024 and Venom 3, even without a specific premiere date.
The Spider verse will also make the leap to the small screen with the Silk series next to Amazon.

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