GTA 6: The Game Will Likely Take Place In Vice City

Rockstar Games has been notoriously tight-lipped about the details of their upcoming game, GTA 6. While there have been some leaks, one of the most reliable rumors is that the game will take place primarily in Vice City. This opens up a lot of possibilities for Rock star to bring back characters from previous games and explore new storylines. In this article, we’ll explore how this move could impact the game and what it might mean for fans of the franchise.

Rock star has not yet formally confirmed it, but we currently know that GTA 6 lies in Vice City.
This is precisely what uses Rock star the best chance to offer an old character from GTA 4 a return, which a number of you have actually absolutely forgotten once again.

comeback in GTA 6?

Fans believe Jerry Karlowitz could return
There is no mass information about GTA 6 yet-not even given that the last leakage.
However, something is currently reasonably specific: GTA 6 is playing in Vice City again-and that makes many fans happy.
Reddit’s user Mugsyisass likewise seems to be doing this-because he believes that an old GTA 4 character might celebrate a small return to the brand-new part: Jerry Karlowitz.
Who now believes: Who is hell Jerry Karlowitz?
The homeless from Liberty City just plays a bit part in GTA 4 story mode.


At the start of the video game, he pleads a little change in a cut scene at Vlad, which promptly scare away in an aggressive method.
It is much more essential, however, that the center of the homeless is scrambled in Meadows Park by Luis Lopez and tossed to the ground at a later date.
Karlowitz therefore discovers a little bag in the garbage that is filled with diamonds.
Exactly the diamonds who are lost in a trash truck throughout the story mission Diamonds Are A Lady’s Finest Buddy.
Karlowitz sells the diamonds and begins a chain of weapon stores and spirits shops in Vice City and therefore becomes a guy.
Originality and content are good-however-we and great hope that GTA 6 does not repeat these mistakes from its predecessors:

What function could the homeless play in GTA 6?

In the remarks under the Reddit Thread there are some theories and ideas what a function Karlowitz could play in GTA 6.

Mugsyisass himself hopes that the inconspicuous supporting character from GTA 4 really flowers and plays an actually big function in GTA 6 and maybe even acts as opponents of the main characters.
Reddit’s user preposterous even goes one action even more:

But yes!
Karlowitz as guv.
Drwolfgang760, on the other hand, thinks that Karlowitz will bake little rolls in GTA 6:
Yes, to get low-cost weapons and schnapps….
The truth is: a comeback for Jerry Karlowitz does not appear to be unreasonable.
It stays to be seen whether the new-rich weapon and schnapps plays a larger role.
As quickly as there is concrete information, you can find it in our introduction article for GTA 6:.

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