Good bye, Braves Rising.


The history of the different teams in constant evolution within the eSports can change overnight because the results can be very variant due to the emergence of new promises or unexpected changes within organizations, after several years in
The Golden League The Braves Rising team current champions of the League through its official account decided to announce their retirement.
With a promising career within the Colombian lands where they were gradually climbing in each of the splits in which they participated in order to continue demonstrating their high quality of equipment, with a Felt that was part of the development of the squad in the central lane
To the point of being considered a player to fear, on the other hand, Day became the promise of the lower lane giving several times a cathedral how to play the line and a peach that was company during this year but due to the changes of the next
Year The people of the Bravo end their way.

A quite emotional message that comes from the directive of the brave squad to give their fanatic, after seeing them grow within the competitive field to climb to the maximum title of the region, with some last words of the organization that indicates that
They withdraw from the League of Legends scene and that they will continue to participate in different events, but that will remain outside the Colombian League.

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