Get Ready For Blast-Off: An In-Depth Look At The Upcoming Action-RPG Atomic Heart

About twenty days prior to its launch on PlayStation, Xbox and PC, the Russian studio action-RPG Sunfish offers a presentation of 9 minutes to analyze the program of this title passed under the wing
of Focus Entertainment.
Atomic Heart occurs in a Utopian Soviet Union of the 1950s and is articulated around a Super secret military lab concentrating on the manufacture of robots.
At the head of this infrastructure, a scientist called Dmitry Techno, innovator of an innovative compound who altered the face of the 20th century and allowed the release of a variety of assistant robots piloted by expert system, the goal being to release the
Population of manual work to allow it to flourish in the arts and sciences.
However, this idealized company is about to slip when the authorities confirm the innovation of too much, a tool supposed to enable individuals to control this network of AI through idea.
Victim of a sabotage, this technology then goes completely into a spin and the robots begin to assault intensely whatever that appears like a being of flesh and blood within the staff of the research laboratory.

In Soviet Russia…

The gamer embodies P3, a highly certified representative dispatched by Techno to settle this small internal event and restore the network.

Perceived as a basic FPS with an odd artistic direction, Atomic Heart claims to be an action-RPG dotted with battles, of course, however also of free expedition in between the various connected locations of the complex, punctuated by puzzles and a kinematic narrative.
The protagonist is seconded by an AI partner incorporated into his glove which supplies him with info and objectives.
On the action side, the game does not seem to decline anything and presents an assortment of weapons to the hand-to-hand handle with the means at edge, Dead Increasing method, along with firearms consisting of shotgun, Kalashnikov, electric pistol and launcher-.
To this are added the capabilities of the special glove which, even if they are undoubtedly based upon scientific ideas, have the value of magic powers.
All this arsenal can be enhanced supplied you browse each space well to discover the required resources.
Sold 60 euros on PC and 70 euros on consoles in its basic edition, Atomic Heart will also be available in Gold and Premium editions consisting of the atomic pass.


The latter will consist of four LCS opening access to new locations and labs to check out in addition to new weapons, opponents, manager and more, that we are told.

Atomic Heart-Presentation of the gameplay.

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