Get Ready To Drift: Kartrider: Drift Launches On PS4 March 8th!

If it is currently available on PC, iOS and Android considering that January 10, 2023, as part of a preseason, Kart rider’s real kick-off: Drift is now set for March 8, day when free-to-play
De Nixon will make his debut on PS4 and Xbox One as part of his season 1.
Completely Cross-Play and Cross-Platform between consoles, PC and mobile users, Kart rider: Drift is the world’s very first world version and multiplatform of the Crazy racing Kart rider franchise which amassed 380 million gamers and went beyond one billion dollars in turnover
Given that its starts in 2004. An audience hitherto generally based in South Korea and China.
With Kart rider: Wander, Nixon would undoubtedly like to export this worldwide success and offer for this an accessible game, rich in personalization for vehicles like the characters, with the prospect of being provided with content (pilots, circuits, cosmetic aspects).
Throughout the seasons, all without any lock or element Pay-to-Win to come and slow down the development, we are ensured.
Of course, the game is no exception to the race pass system, whether it is the standard pass which allows you to meet day-to-day obstacles free of charge or the premium pass which schedules its extra difficulties and rewards for generous payers.
On the side of video game modes, the speed mode offers pride of location to the game slippage system, while things mode highlights making use of tools such as rocket launchers, water bombs and even UFOs for.
Draw your rivals.



Kart rider: Drift-band-announcement of season 1.

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