How Rocket Beans TV Is Dealing With Economic Woes During Short-Time Work

The gaming entertainment business Rocket Beans television experiences the challenging present, economic scenario, as the managing director reports in a declaration on February 2.
In order to guarantee job security and keep the company steady, a large part of the team has been sent to 70% short-time work from February 1st.
One hopes that the circumstance enhances again.
This is the declaration: The handling director of the TV and media production company Rocket Beans Home entertainment, Arno Danish, announced in a declaration on February 2, 2023 (through Rocket beans):.
As a result of the energy crisis and the resulting tense financial circumstance, Rocket Beans received fewer orders.
For that reason, there will be more expenses in the coming months than income will, can be found in.
As a procedure to protect the jobs, one sends out a big part of the team into short-time work for the time being from February 1, 2023, and lowers their working hours to 70 %.
The employees who deal with external productions such as Game Two should not be affected by the short-time work.
Danish states the content of Rocket Beans TV is counter-financed by a variety of sources, such as through YouTube income, merch sales or sponsorship.
Contents on Rocket Beans TV are likewise financed through order productions.
The present financial situation complicates this path.

Rocket Beans wants to rely more on the direct support of the fans.

How about Rocket Beans?
Danish explains that the Saturday occasions fail in February.
It could likewise be that there are further failures or adjustments in the program.

The managing director suggests the advantages of making fans more appealing if they choose to support the Rocket Beans straight.
This is how you wish to generate reputable income.
It is thanks to members of the RISC (Rocket Beans Advocates Club) and reveals that it will try out other features here in the next couple of weeks and months.
The managing director is confident that the economic scenario will unwind during spring.
What is the RBSC?
Via the Advocate Club, Rocket Beans can help support the company straight (by means of RB.TV):.
From 1 EUR a month you are a supporter, get a badge in the forum and the username are mentioned.


  • From EUR 5 a month you get a welcome letter, some discount rates when shopping in the store and participates in exclusive competitors.
  • From EUR 10 a month there are advertising-free videos-the post can be increased as desired upwards.
    One of the initial beans is the often miscarry √Čtienne Garden.
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