Rudi Völler Believes in a Bright Future for the DFB With Manuel Neuer Back in Goal

Audi Roller firmly believes in a return of Manuel Neuer to the objective of the German national soccer team.
Obviously, he is the captain, responded the DFB s director on Tuesday night at Sky when asked whether the goalkeeper of record champs Bayern Munich had a future in the choice of the German Football Association (DFB) after his major injury.


Never had actually suffered a lower leg fracture after the World Cup debacle in Qatar on a skiing vacation and fails for the remainder of the season.
Most recently, the 36-year-old caused a feeling with club-critical interviews.
In it, Never slammed Bayern for the expression of his confidante and goalkeeper coach Toni Analogic Hart (Heart removed).
Roller is convinced that Never and Punchers can create the youngest distinctions out of the world.

I can imagine that the responsible if they have actually not currently done it-in Kurt and attempt to get it under control once again, stated Roller that he was optimistic.
On both sides, maybe a couple of smaller mistakes were made, but by no ways so bad that it can not be attained once again, included the 62-year-old.

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