The error codes are:

get_error_code: 0x80001004

get_error_code_change: 0x80001005

Game crash: 0x80001004

Error was: 0x80001004

Error code: 0x80001004

The error code number

When you want to go through the online quiz and determine which Harry Potter house you belong to, it is quite unpleasant to get an error code.
On the Warding World website, you can go through quizzes, solve puzzles and learn more about Harry Potter’s enchanting world.
For individuality, you can even create your own thematic portrait of Harry Potter and see how you look when you are a student of Hogwarts.
Nevertheless, a miserable error code can stop all this potential fun until you find a correction.
Here’s how to fix the error code impossible to connect to the server in Warding World.

How to fix the error impossible to connect to the server in Warding World?

This error is caused by overloading traffic to the site, and often occurs when too many people try to access the site at the same time.
Since this is an error on the server side, and not on the side of the client, you cannot fix it by simply rebooting the device or cleaning the cache.
To correct the error It is impossible to connect to the server, you must wait until the traffic slows down.
While the servers are temporarily overloaded, they will inevitably turn off, which will allow you to reach the site without problems.


This error usually occurs when an important ad is made or when a game such as Hogwarts Legacy is released.
Due to the surge of popularity, the servers of the website experience a lot of load than they were calculated, which leads to failures.
This error is never constant, and usually it is only a matter of time when it is corrected.
To learn more about Harry Potter, get acquainted with the best ideas of wizards for Hogwarts’s Heritage here, in games for professionals.

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