MLB the Show 23 Features Extensive Coverage of Negro Leagues | Sony Interactive Entertainment & San Diego Studio

At the start of the week, Sony Interactive Entertainment and San Diego Studio made a terrific statement for the baseball simulation MLB the Program 23, which is particularly important in the historical context.
For the very first time in video game history, the Negro Leagues will be playable as part of the storylines.

a historic representation

The Negro Leagues come from the time of separation of racial and were accordingly expert leagues, in which African-American and just black gamers, referees and fitness instructors were seen.
At that time, the MLB consisted entirely of white gamers.

Some of the best players in baseball history were found in the Negro Leagues, who lastly get the recognition they deserve through the video game.
The very best known gamer is certainly Jackie Robinson, who was the very first black player in the MLB in 1947.
Previously, he had actually already demonstrated his class in the Negro Leagues.
However, modern witnesses had actually said for years that Robinson was not nearly the very best player in the Negro Leagues.
Names like Buck O’Neil, Hank Thompson and Pouch Paige, who had been forgotten for a long period of time.
As part of a live stream, the developers talked to Bob Kendrick, the president of the Negro League Baseball Museum, about the integration of the league in MLB the Program 23.
After all, the designers needed to modify the stadiums, the viewers, the referees and more to ensure a detailed representation.


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MLB the Program 23 will be released on March 28, 2023, for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, the Xbox One and the Nintendo Switch.
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