The Best Civilizations in Age of Empires 2: A List of Levels & New Content

Despite the fact that this is a fairly old game, the final version of Age of Empires 2 introduced new content and graphic settings that caused a new wave of interest in the classical civil game.
If you are studying this for the first time, it can be quite frightening, especially since each civilization has its own set of unique buildings, units and bonuses.
The tournament game also helped to increase its authority, since national and international competitions bring generous cash prizes.

Best Civilizations Age of Empires 2

In this issue of the Age of Empires series, more than 30 different civilizations are presented, so when choosing it can be difficult to understand whether you choose one of the stronger ones.
Below we chose the best of them and distributed them into three groups, each of which has its own strengths.
Read below to better understand which of them is best suited to your individual style of the game.

Civilization of the SS level in Age of Empires 2


Excellent starting bonuses (cities support five additional residents and give rise to three more residents at a low price) are supported by a strong military beginning.
Either it’s a shame (rockets, siege scorpions) or in defense (the bonus of the Great Wall to your walls and towers), you can start and continue perfectly.


You get a starting bonus for food of 150, which helps not only at the beginning, but also in the middle of the game.
If you need a battle, you will have strong cavalry units from an early game that will be supported by halberds and shooters later.

Maya is a brilliantly balanced civilization and get a bonus for the duration of the resource, so they are suitable for any card.

This makes them ideal for a tournament game.
The speed of your birds of archers compensates for the lack of cavalry, and they are supported by a powerful infantry detachment.


Colossal 15 percent discount on warships in the era of feudalism and castles, and in the imperial era their share reached 20 percent, which made the Vikings great civilization.
Throwing into their berserier-free regeneration without a nun you will be a formidable opponent.

Civilizer STUDENT in AGE of Empires 2


You will not receive any cavalry detachments if you play for the Aztecs.
But this is compensated by infantry units (especially their unique Jaguars warriors), which apply a strong bonus to infantry damage and are created quickly.
As expected, they also receive gold bonuses along with more stable units of the monks.


If you want to focus on a long war, the British are a great choice.
Their archers and archers are one of the most popular units of long-range battle, therefore, if you manage to put yourself in the correct combat situation, they can cause chaos.
You also benefit from cheaper cities.


Franks have a good set of bonuses, with strong cavalry units (plus 20 percent of health) at the beginning and a large discount on stone castles later.
Their unique unit, throwing pies, really strikes.
In addition, your food for food with a 15 percent bonus to speed due to the receipt of free Mill technology.


The absence of the initial tree can push people away from the choice of the Huns, but since they do not need housing, it is less burden than it seems at first glance.
Precipitation opportunities are reinforced with accurate demands (+30%), but they really shine for their cavalry archers.
And just the threat of the Huns creates a passive drawback for their neighbors.


Thanks to receiving cheap buildings for collecting for the Japanese, you can build a strong economy.
This is facilitated by the fact that they are universal, which allows you to relatively easily cope with various situations on the map.
Samurai is an excellent infantry unit, and the Japanese can also boast of strong siege technologies.

Civilizations Aural in Age of Empires 2


If you want to play slowly and defensive, Koreans are a strong option.
You get free improvements in the tower, while many of your options for the tower and fortresses receive an additional radius of action.
In addition, ships and combat carts are formidable opponents.


Having a little experience, you can really make the Balinese shine.
They use 15 percent less wood during construction, and their gold lasts 30 percent longer.
Technologies are also a strong side, and universities are built much faster.
In addition, they are strong in defense, receive a barracks bonus, and cities without garrisons are still using fiery arrows.


Although the Mongols are only in the Aural list, some consider the Mongols the most powerful civilization in Age of Empires 2. Their cavalry of Manual is a fantastic rapid unit, but their nomadic character makes them a complex civilization for a good game.


They also receive intelligence bonuses and can destroy siege machines.


Portuguese is a funny civilization with which you can play.
Several unique advantages, and all their technologies are explored with a bonus to speed.
Their trade post Factorial Building generates resources on their own.
In battle, they boast of strong, powerful ships while their organ guns are deadly.

civilizations that should be avoided


Although the Goths can be the great civilization of the late game, they can be very difficult to get to the late game against even relatively strong opponents.
Their economy is very slow, and although bonuses allow them to develop well at the beginning of the game, they really suffer in the middle of the game because they are behind both financial and militarily.


They are useful only in the team game, since all the protection without a bite.

The bonus unit of the Sicilians, the sergeant, is strong in defense, but do not cause enough damage to make them worthy.
This advantage is also manifested in their common ability to absorb additional damage (50 percent of additional damage).


At first glance, the Spaniards seem to be a strong civilization.
Conquistadors are strong because they are an equestrian powder unit.
As a rule, they rely on powder bonuses to get an advantage.
Their monks-missionaries are also strong, but their advantages, as a rule, are too niche to transform into the victorious army.
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