How to Fix Destiny 2 Lightfall Invisibility Error in PVP

Invisibility errors are some of the most frustrating errors to find, especially in PVP.

War zone was plagued by them at first, and even Elden Ring had his fight against invisible enemies.
Now, Destiny 2 Nightfall players are encountering invisible mistakes, creating great problems for players.
Here is how to solve the invisibility error of Destiny 2 Nightfall.

fixing invisible enemies in Destiny 2 Nightfall

Yes, I have also been receiving this, and I noticed what happens when I change my load, not only my weapons / character are invisible, but the appearance of my characters does not change when I change my load.


I hope you solve this as soon as possible, it is a bit frustrating.
-Shadow (@beatsbyshad0w) March 3, 2023,
At this time, there are no permanent solutions for the invisibility error of Destiny 2. However, if the players find the error, some find a solution by restarting their console or PC.
This is a very short-term solution, but it allows players to enjoy Destiny 2 Nightfall PVP compared to anything.
Some players are discovering that if they meet the error, they will see it again and again.
This problem is affecting both PC and console players, and some have noticed what happens when they change their charge.
It only seems to be happening in PVP, so players can still enjoy the somewhat confusing campaign.
That is all to know how to solve the invisibility error of Destiny 2 Nightfall right now.
This is not the first time that Destiny has had problems with invisibility errors, so, hopefully, Bungee will officially launch a solution sooner rather than later.
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